Walking While You Work – Health Benefits

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Health Benefits of Walking To Work and At Work
Health Benefits of Walking To Work and At Work

Walking While You Work – Health Benefits

An increasing number of people are taking the effort to walk extra distances at their workplace, in an initiative to get healthier.

Depending upon the type of job you have and also the location of your workplace, it might be less complicated to achieve than you assume.

The following ideas are offered to help you get going.

Begin with Your Commute To Work

When you’re ready to include walking to your job routine, the very best place to begin is your early morning commute.

If car parking is available within say a half-mile from your workplace, drive there a little early and walk the remainder of the way.

If your house is close to work, you could think about walking the entire distance.

Doing this even a couple of times a week allows you to do much more walking.

That’s as long as you do not mind getting out of bed a little bit earlier

When At Work Get Up and Stretch

Your muscles require a chance to stretch every so often, especially when you spend hours working at a desk.

Every hour or so, go and get something to drink, take a stroll around the office or visit the toilet, but try and be away from sitting at your desk for at least 5 minutes.

Not only does this help keep your body active,and being away from your work occasionally can also stop you from feeling bored or tired out before the end of the day.

Form a Walking Group With Other Workers

You may be able to find a few colleagues who are interested in doing a bit of walking with you.

Asking around at lunch and break times or sticking a notice in the rest room, are great ways to find other walking friends.

Walking with others makes exercising a lot more social experience, as well as encouraging you to stick with your routine.

Keep Fitness Gear at Work

If you intend to take your workplace exercise to the next level, you might want to think about keeping some fitness equipment at work.

The most important thing you will need is some good walking footwear, so you have comfy shoes for walking during your breaks.

You could also consider a small set of weights, both to hold while walking and perhaps to curl when you are on the phone.

How About A Treadmill Desk

For some fitness fanatics, treadmill desks are a growing fad that enable you to walk while working on a computer or going through documents.

These treadmills have a workstation integrated in so that you have your computer system right at your fingertips throughout your walk.

Because your attention will be focused on your work, this type of treadmill tend to have more safety features built in, such as a reduced optimum speed. 

If you’ve never thought of including some type of walking exercise at work, why not give it a go?

Start slowly and gradually build up. Keep in mind, every step you take leads to a much healthier you!

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