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Walking Holidays - Walking For Health & Fitness
Walking Holidays - Walking For Health & Fitness

Walking holidays - Walking for Health & Fitness

Are you thinking about doing something different on your next holiday?

Do you love discovering the outdoors?

If so, why think about a walking holiday?

It's great to enjoy your surroundings, and also try to keep fit at same time.

Here are 3 ideas to pick from.



Waterfalling - Walking For Health & Fitness
Waterfalling - Walking For Health & Fitness

Waterfalling, or falls hunting, is the act of hiking down tracks and through wild countryside wilderness for the purpose of seeing waterfalls.

Great locations in the UK would be Scotland, Wales and the Yorkshire Dales.

All three of these areas offer a landscape that is ideal both for walking/hiking and also watching these wonders of nature. Outside of the UK you will also find spectacular waterfalls to visit.

It's simple to plan out the route you intend to take on your search for waterfalls since there are several recognized trails running past waterfalls.

Whether you're preparing a one-day walk or a week-long outdoor camping trip, you will be able to find plenty of maps and guides that show what you'll probably come across along a trail and also how long it will take you to walk it it.

Trail Hiking


Trail Hiking - Walking For Health & Fitness
Trail Hiking - Walking For Health & Fitness

While the hunt for waterfalls offers a fantastic purpose for a walking/hiking trip, there are lots of other trails, in all parts of the world, which offer a range of other wilderness experiences.

If you happen to be a camping enthusiast, then this could be for you.

Lots of trails can be very lengthy and can take days and even weeks to finish.                            In this case, it could mean staying at camp sites along the trail in order to complete your trip.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a day trip or weekend hike, check out local bus services/taxi services near your walk to get you back to your vehicle after a day of walking.

Walking Tours

For people traveling overseas, a walking tour of the city they're traveling to is a wonderful way to experience both the landscapes and culture.

These scenic walking tours can take anywhere from a couple our hours to a full day.

This type of tour tends to concentrate on sites and places that relate to a particular topic, such as a trip of the historic or religious sights of a city/area .

Walking tours are usually led by a tourist guide that knows the area  well for each of the sites you will be visiting. They can give you information and a viewpoints you may not come across on a self-guided tour.

When you Google the term "walking holiday," you'll find numerous tour companies focusing on this preferred particular niche.

Making the effort to search a few sites is a terrific way to get ideas - especially if you have never done anything similar to this before.

Since walking trips seem to be increasing in popularity, even more one-of-a-kind choices are turning up regularly. If you don't want to buy an already-planned-for-you walking trip, it can be enjoyable creating your own.

For best results, put plenty time and effort into the planning stage, as it will pay off in the end.

Check out recommendations and reviews from past holidaymakers.

Don't simply toss something together without properly researching it.

You want your walking vacation to be an enjoyable one. You don't want it to be a walking nightmare!

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