Walking For Health & Fitness – Getting The Family Involved

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Getting The Family Involved – Walking For Health & Fitness
Getting The Family Involved – Walking For Health & Fitness
Getting The Family Involved – Walking For Health & Fitness
Walking is an activity suitable for the whole family. 
It's not uncommon for older folks and little ones to get involved in the fun. 

Keep reading to learn more about making the most out of walking as a family activity.

Start Out Small
Your family will probably react more positively to a group exercise plan 
if you start out small and work your way up to a longer routine. 
To start out, set a goal that's easy to achieve and 
forgivable if things don't go as planned. 
For example, start with a 30-minute walk around your neighbourhood, 
a couple of times a week. 
Remember, providing a specific goal increases the likelihood of it 
becoming a part of your family's day-to-day routine.
What to Wear 

On any hike, it's crucial to dress appropriately for both the climate and 
the locale of the area you're visiting. 

Make sure everyone wears well-fitting hiking shoes or boots that 
are comfortable as well as durable. 

In addition, pack a jacket or long-sleeved shirt for everyone, 
even if the weather is expected to be warm. 

You never know when conditions might take a turn for the worst. 

Keep Things Fun 

Aside from the exercise, one of the greatest benefits of hiking 
with the family is the quality time you get to spend together. 

Keep everyone in good spirits by coming up with games or activities 
you can do as a family while you walk. 

A good example of this might be coming up with a scavenger hunt
relating to numerous trees and wildflowers. 

Honestly, nature trails are full of hands-on opportunities for learning fun. 

Take Frequent Breaks 

Hiking can take a lot out of you. 

And, it's a pretty sure bet your kids will let you know when they're getting tired as well. 

To remedy this, take rest stops frequently to make sure everyone is full of energy 
and still having a good time. 

Don't forget to hand out water and snacks during these breaks, 
to ensure everyone stays well fed and hydrated.

Establish a Routine 

Establish a scheduled time for your family walks. 

It doesn't matter if it's a once a week walk around the neighborhood 
or a once-a-month hike in your local park. 

When going on a hike becomes routine, it gives the family 
something to look forward to and sets up a tradition of making 
memories that just might carry on for years to come. 

Leave No Trace 

Teach your kids to respect the environment and their surroundings. 

Destruction of plant life and other things in nature is needless, not to mention harmful. 

It also ruins the experience for the next family who decides to take the same route you do. 
If your child inadvertently does something that could cause permanent damage, 
such as digging a hole, offer your help to fix it 
and teach them the importance of leaving no trace. 

Why not talk to your family, to gauge everyone's interest in walking 
as a fun and healthy activity? 
Try it once and see what happens. 
Chances are, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. 

There really is no better time to "take a hike!"
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