Walking For Health & Fitness

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It's less costly than signing up with a health club - it's much easier than running and it can be very sociable too, so it's no wonder then that a growing number of individuals are taking up walking/hiking as an aid to health and physical fitness.
Walking, unlike running, has a lower impact on your joints, which helps to reduce the threat of injury.  If you have not been exercising for some time, walking is a great way to ease yourself back into a workout programme.

Proper walking/hiking boots are not an option- they are vital
Proper walking/hiking boots are not an option- they are vital
Taking up walking or hiking requires picking out a good pair of boots. or walking shoes. 
Poor quality footwear can make walking or hiking a less-than-pleasant experience.
On the other hand a good pair can give you the comfort and support to successfully hike most trails.

A lengthy hike places a lot of strain on your ankles and feet which is transmitted through your legs.
It may eventually affect your whole body, especially your back. Yes, blisters are a discomfort but poor quality footwear can cause problems.

It's important to get a solid foundation providing the support your body needs. Good footwear provides foot and ankle the proper amount of Stiffness yet "springiness" they need.

Bear in mind you could be travelling over boulders and other rough surfaces at times and you want to be able to be confident that your boots will provide the ideal amount of support, otherwise, twisted ankles or sore feet may happen.

With hiking, comfort and support really isn't a luxury. It's vital. You may have to be able to spend hours walking, without creating chafing or blisters.
The wrong boots can allow moisture to build-up or allow in heat or cold.

Just take some time to find a pair of boots that feel comfortable once you put them on. Don't just settle for the cheapest but instead aim for the best you can afford.
As soon as you you're out on the trails, you and your feet will appreciate the choice and the money spent!

If you are new to hiking/treking, there are specific things you will want to look for when buying suitable footwear.

For instance|, a gusseted tongue will help keep dirt from getting inside your boots. Additionally, look for water-resistant materials like rubber or treated leather.
Wet boots can lead to serious foot issues.

A common material today is Gore-Tex because of its quality thermal properties. Look around for this.

When trying on boots or shoes try them with a sock which suits the thickness of the socks you plan to wear.
Thick, cotton or cotton blend, moisture-wicking walking/hiking socks are the deal sock for hiking/walking.
Take a pair along with you when boot shopping as you can't get an accurate idea of the fit otherwise.

There are various manufactures of good quality boots. Do a little bit of research online, read reviews and shop around.

Experienced hikers can provide good advice since they have probably tried several pairs over the years.

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