Walking For Charity -It’s great because it benefits everybody involved.

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Walking For Charity
Walking For Charity

Walking For Charity

Walking for charity is not only good for you, it also benefits the charities you’re most passionate about.

Charity walks are becoming significantly more popular. Why do you think this is?      Simple really – they work!

Small, less well known charities are following suit, and together with well know names such as Cancer Research, the Alzheimer’s Society to name just a couple,                                                          are raising hundreds of pounds for their respective organizations.

It’s great because it benefits everybody involved.

How Charity Walks Work

The majority of charity walks call for an entrance charge of some kind.                                                    However, these charges are usually very inexpensive so that as many people as possible can get involved.

In addition to walking, individuals have to try and get other people to sponsor them by making a donation to the charity.                                                                                                                                                            A sponsor pledges a certain amount of money for every mile you walk or just an amount for finishing the walk.

Sponsorship forms are usually supplied by the charity organizing the event.

By using your favourite social media sites this helps make it much easier for you to to solicit donations.             

You’ll be pleasantly suprised at the response you get.

If you want to walk for charity but don’t want to try and get donations, you could just sponsor yourself.         

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.                                                                                                   

You get exercise and your charity will get funds. Everybody wins!

WalkingFor Charity - Collect sponsors donations
Walking For Charity – Collect sponsors donations

Popular Charity Walks

A lot of the most well known charities organize walks.

Some are organized at a local level whilst others are at a national level.

Here are some of the larger charity organizations that have held walking events in the past:-

British Heart Foundation 

Cancer Research

Marie Curie

Alzheimer’s Society



Breast Cancer Care

Dementia UK

MacMillan Cancer Support

The simplest method to find out even more about charity walks in your area, is to ask at your local            Charity Shops and use Google to check on the internet. I

If the charity you wish to support doesn’t host any walks, then why not talk to them about the possibility of getting one set up.

You never know until you ask!

Remember, you can also get involved in running or cycling for charity as well.

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