Five mobile apps to take with you on your walk

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Mobile apps to take with you on your walk
Mobile apps to take with you on your walk

Five mobile apps to take with you on your walk

Smartphones sometimes get a bad rap, due to the amount of time most 
people spend (sitting down) using them. 
Typically, the more these individuals sit, the less they exercise. 
There is a "silver lining," however. 
New walking apps are popping up all the time. 

Here are a few for your consideration.

Walkmeter GPS

Walkmeter GPS is a fitness app available for Android & iPhone, 
which allows walkers to transfer a variety of maps to the app via email. 
The app's race mode allows you to compare your most current time 
to all of the other times it's taken you to walk the same route in the past. 
This is great for goal setting. 
It gives you the opportunity to work toward a specific time, 
while striving to complete favorite routes faster than the time before. 
To help you get started, training plans and graphs are available through the app, 
designed to help you track your progress. 

World Walking

World Walking is a pedometer app for your phone that keeps track of 
every step you take throughout the day. 
What makes the app unique is this: you can easily choose a 
real-life walking route to compare your steps to. 
The app also allows users to form clubs comprised of other walkers, 
so that a group can work together to meet a certain goal. 


For those who prefer to take their walk into the wilderness, 
AllTrails is an app that allows you to connect with other hikers in your area. 
With AllTrails, you can search for trails near your location and 
view maps to help get you there. I
In addition, you have access to maps of the actual trails themselves. 
The app also allows users to post photos from the trail, 
which makes it much easier to take note of obstacles, 
climate conditions and tips for hiking the trail. 


The ViewRanger walking app allows your phone to work as a GPS, 
even in areas without mobile phone coverage. 
The maps you need are stored directly on the phone and can be viewed at any time. 
When your cell phone does have service, the phone also displays your current position. 
ViewRanger is also great to use on the trail, 
because it allows you to keep track of points of interest along the way.

Virtual Walk

Virtual Walk in an award-winning walking app, 
perfect to use when walking outdoors or on your treadmill. 
It's simple to plot your distance through either an historic or scenic location. 
Additional routes are frequently added; some are free and 
some are available for a small fee. 
Not only does Virtual Walk break up the monotony of walking on a 
treadmill or walking through the same area over and over, 
it also gives you the chance to see and learn about different places.

There are so many health benefits of walking. 
Once you start, you'll probably wonder why you haven't taken it up before. 
Honestly, this is a great time to grab your phone, upload an app and start walking!

You can find free walking apps at the British Heart Foundation website.  
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