Running For Health & Fitness – How To Get Started Running

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Running For Health & Fitness with AdonisFitness
Running For Health & Fitness with AdonisFitness
How to Get Started Running for Health & Fitness

So you know the benefits of running for health and fitness and you’re ready to get started. 
Before you tie your shoes and head out the door it’s important to 
make sure you’re getting started on the right foot, literally and figuratively. 

Step One: Why Do You Want to Run?

Here’s the kicker, if you’re running because you should or 
because someone told you to, it may be difficult to get and stay motivated. 
It’s important to want to run. If you don’t want to run, 
consider trying another sport – one that interests you. 
It sounds harsh but running can be challenging. 
You may grow to love it, many do. However, 
unless you’re super disciplined it may be tough to get to that point. 

So…why do you want to run? 

Here are some reasons people run:

* To lose weight. 
* To get in good shape. 
* Because running is fun, or it looks like fun. 
* Because you’re competitive. 
* Because the doctor said to.
* To prevent disease
* To reduce stress
If you’re unsure, spend some time thinking about your motivation. 
Here’s the interesting thing about running. 
Your motivation and reasons for running will change over time. 
Most people start running for one reason and continue running for another. 

For example, an endurance runner may have started running 
simply because it was an efficient way to get to work in the morning 
and much faster than taking the bus or driving. 
Over time, he realized how great he felt when he ran and 
expanded his distance and view of running. 
Now instead of running two miles to work he runs 10 miles a day and thirty on the weekends. 

Another runner may have started running to lose weight 
and enjoyed it so much that she now competes locally in 
most races wearing her race t-shirts like trophies. 

Trust me your reason for running may change over time. 
And your motivation may wane from time to time too. 
So in the next article we will give you some 
Tricks, Secrets, and Tools for Running Motivation.

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