Getting Equipped For Running

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The most important thing you will need are good running shoes
The most important thing you will need are good running shoes

Getting Equipped For Running

Okay, you recognize why you want to run, you have an idea for where you’re most likely to run and probably the type of running you intend to do. The next step is to get the equipment to run.

One of the great things about running is that you really only need is some good footwear. Running shoes can cost from £30 to £300 and are available in a range of styles, types, and also materials.

You will choose the type of shoes based on your running style.                                                                                        As an example, if you’re likely to attempt barefoot running you might begin with a set of finger shoes like the Vibram 5 Fingers.                                                                                                                                                                      If you’re intending to run over rough routes then you will want to wear trail running shoes.

If you’re running on a treadmill, track, or around your local park then you’ll most likely go for traditional running shoes.                                                                                                                                                                                  There are 3 types of running shoes. Each type is made for a certain foot type and foot fall. They include:

Motion Control Shoes

Motion Control Shoes are rigid and stop a runner’s foot from rolling around.                                                                These shoes are usually suggested for people with low arches, flat feet, or over pronation meaning their foot rolls to the inside edge when they run.                                                                                                                                    Motion control footwear can be fairly heavy due to the structure required to keep your foot rolling optimally.

Cushioning Shoes

Cushioning shoes as you may suspect provide a lot of cushioning.                                                                            They’re recommended for individuals with high arches.                                                                                                  If you have a high arch then you’re most likely running a little bit on the outside of your foot.                                          The impact when running can trigger problems up your leg.                                                                                          The extra cushioning provided in this kind of shoe can minimize or get rid of this issue.

Stability Control Shoes

Stability Control shoes incorporate both motion control and cushioning aspects.                                                        They’re generally lighter and are designed to support a runners’s existing running movement without changing it.            They are usually recommended for individuals with normal arches and an even foot fall.

So Just How Do You Find The Right Shoes?

There are 3 important methods to find the best shoe for your foot and running type.

1 Trial and Error

Try various running shoes on until you find the shoes that feel the best for you. This approach is not really advised due to the fact that it can work out expensive and can harm your feet.

2 The Wet Foot Test.

Wet your foot and step on a sheet of paper.     Do you have flat feet, high arches or normal arches?                                    Use this to select your footwear type.                                                                                                                          You might also look at the soles of your regular shoes to see if there are areas that are worn down.

3 Gait Analysis

This is the recommended way to get the right footwear.                                                                                                  A gait ananlysis is something that is proved by many specialized running footwear shops.                                                  They’ll put you on a treadmill and record you running for couple of minutes.                                                                    It may seem a little daunting but it isn’t.     It’s actually rather fascinating and informative.

The store assistant will then talk to you about your running style and probably ask you a couple of questions.                    Based upon your answers and your gait analysis they’ll suggest a few different shoes.                                                    Try them all on give them a test jog.                                                                                                                  Remember that you don’t need to purchase the footwear from the specialized running shop.                                          You can take their recommendations and search online for the very best price.

Your running shoes are definitely the most important piece of equipment you require to begin running. 

Running Technique - adonisfitness
Running Technique – adonisfitness

            Nevertheless you might find a few other items beneficial as well. We will cover these items in the next article.

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