Discover the Various Types of Running

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The most important thing you will need are good running shoes
The most important thing you will need are good running shoes

Discover the Various Types of Running

As soon as you recognize why you want to run and you're motivated to get going, it's time to think about what kind of running you wish to do.

There are various types of running and places to run.

Barefoot Running

Every years or two there's a new running trend . This seems to be the years for Barefoot or minimal running.

Barefoot running is the practice of running without shoes or with minimalist shoes.                                          The idea is that conventional running shoes force your foot to function unnaturally.

In conventional operating shoes your toes are squashed together with each other.                                      They're unable to expand and take in the complete effect of each foot fall.                                      Furthermore, standard running footwear have thick heel padding.

The toe of the shoe is in fact quite a lot lower than the heel. This forces your foot to hit in a different way than it is designed to naturally.                                                                                                                            Your heel strikes first and after that you roll through your foot and push off with your toes.

This type of impact and foot fall can trigger injury. Barefoot and minimalist running footwear are made with little or no heel raise. The shoe is flat.

Your foot feels the ground under it and reacts normally.                                                                                      You'll find that if you run barefoot you run a lot more gently and your foot will certainly impact the ground in the middle of your foot rather than at your heel.

The theory is that this natural foot impact is better for your body. You'll endure less injuries to your knees, shins, ankle joints and also hips.

If you hear a lot of news concerning the number of injuries barefoot runners appear to be getting, it's more than likely they're doing too much, too soon.

If you have actually spent your life running in footwear and you take them off and attempt to run the exact the same amount you're going to hurt yourself.

Your foot requires time to spread out, adjust to running without footwear, and get stronger.

Barefoot running isn't for everyone as well as it's not the appropriate solution for individuals that have foot issues.

Nonetheless, if you're interested, it is certainly worth further research.  There are plenty of books available on the subject

Remember to take it slowly!

Trail Running

If you enjoy being out in the countryside or running in much less populated locations trail running may be right for you.

Trail running is exactly what it sounds like, running on trails/tracks.                                                                The trails can be paved and wind through your local parks.                                                                            They can be gravel or dirt as well.

Among the reasons some people like trail running over other kinds of running is that running on gravel or dirt is easier on the joints.

Trail running can be peaceful also.                                                                                                                  You may come across pets, bikers, and also walkers when you run but you most                                                definitely will not have to take in vehicle exhaust or have to try and cross a busy road.                                  Trail running also provides lots of different scenery.

There are some drawbacks to trail running though.

If you're running alone you should take added safety precautions.                                                                Always tell someone where you're going and also when you expect to be back.

You might also like to carry a mobile phone as well.

Trails can have irregular surfaces so this calls for more attention to your footing.                                            Trail running shoes give you a better grip and also support your feet and also ankle joints as well.


Unlike trail running which is based around locations and barefoot running which is equipment related,            Chi Running is something you can do anywhere and you can wear almost any type of footwear. 

Chi Running is a running style and philosophy.

Developed by Danny Dreyer a noteworthy ultra marathon runner, Chi Running                                                    is a combination of the methods of Tai Chi and also running.                                                                               

It's a style that works along with your body's natural movements to make running                                          more natural as well as being less vulnerable to injury.

The cornerstones of Chi Running are postural alignment and relaxation because the combination of the two is the best way to run faster, farther and injury-free.                                                                                          Chi Running includes: landing with a midfoot strike, using a "gravity-assisted" forward lean and engaging core strength for propulsion rather than leg strength.” 

This might sound a bit complex, nevertheless once you discover the movements,                                            you'll instantly discover the difference.

There are books and videos available to learn more about Chi Running and you may find local trainers to help you find out more about this style of running.

Treadmill Running

For lots of new runners, the treadmill is the go to device. It's hassle-free.

You can run in the early morning in your pyjamas or at night while you are watching television.

A treadmill additionally gives you the capability to change your run on the fly by just pushing a few buttons.

Some treadmills even come with built-in technology that allows you to go virtual running on the beach, through the hills or on the streets of cities.

The downside to running on a treadmill is that it's a different running style than outdoors.

People often tend to run with a different posture on a treadmill.

One common problem about treadmill running is that it is dull, but this can be eased                                      with music or some other type of entertainment.

If you're searching for a convenient way to start running then a treadmill may be your answer.

Below are a couple of various other types of running to consider -

* Competitive-- sign up for a race and train to win.

* Long distance/endurance-- marathons and ultra marathons are the structure of endurance running.

* Track running-- if you have an outdoor or even an indoor track nearby think about using it.                            The outdoor track surface benefits your joints and it's very easy to track your distance.                                    Be aware that indoor tracks that are in fitness centres/gyms can be harder on your joints than concrete/asphalt. 

* Cement/Tarmac-- if you run in your neighbourhood this is probably what you'll be running on. You might discover that one surface is much easier to run on than another.

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