Workouts That Help You Train For Aerial Yoga

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Workouts That Help You Train For Aerial Yoga

As you will soon discover, aerial yoga is a challenging workout.

There are certain types of training and body conditioning you will need to do between classes so that you are strong enough.


You need to have excellent flexibility for aerial yoga, just like with standard yoga on the ground, so you should have a good amount of stretching done beforehand.

Not only should you stretch before and after each workout, but on the days in between your aerial yoga workouts as well. This improves your range for the different poses and stretches out your ligaments to avoid pain or injury.

Strength Workouts

The next type of workout that can help you train for aerial yoga is strength workouts.

This helps build up the proper momentum for aerial yoga.. This includes weight lifting and cardio combined with using weights, such as with kettlebells or even weighted cardio workouts.

Try to do strength training 2-3 times a week at least to build up your muscle capacity.

Cross Training

Cross training is going to provide more cardio, while continuing to work on your strength and flexibility in the process.

Since aerial yoga is an intense workout, especially for beginners, your cross training is important.

Here are some cross training workouts to try out when you want to do aerial yoga:



Hiking and Walking


Dance and Ballet

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