PayAsUGym – A Marketplace for Gyms in the UK with Contract Free Membership

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PayasUGym - Contract Free Membership
PayAsUGym – Contract Free Membership

PayAsUGym is a marketplace for gyms in the UK, offering single-use passes, classes,                                          contract-free memberships, and full yearly memberships                                                                                              for 2,300 gyms and health clubs across the UK.

Their network of participating gyms currently has over 10 times more locations                                                            than biggest branded gym chain in the UK, giving PayAsUGym customers                                                                   the maximum choice over when and where to squeeze health and fitness into their busy lives.

Adding about 100 new locations per month, they are building an ever bigger network of gyms –                                       all offering pay-as-you-go as standard, and all with guaranteed discounts                                                                     for customers who buy online at PayAsUGym.

Single-use passes at PayAsUGym are always at least 10% cheaper than when bought                                              directly from the gym.    The average discount on pay-as-you-go is about 35%.

PayAsUGym users have the flexibility to use as many different gyms as they like.                                                     

And with no induction, no contract to sign, and no financial commitment required,                                          users are in full control of both their gym usage and their finances…

Now that’s gym-smart!

CLICK HERE to find out the benefits of Contract Free Gym Membership for 2300 gyms and health clubs across the UK.

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