Insanity – Ultimate Cardio Workout & Fitness DVD Programme

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Insanity 60 Days Base Kit - The Ultimate Cardio Workout & Fitness DVD Programme
Insanity 60 Days Base Kit – The Ultimate Cardio Workout & Fitness DVD Programme

Insanity – Ultimate Cardio Workout & Fitness DVD Programme

If you were told that you could get your body into shape and that it would only take
two months to get it done in, the majority of us would jump all over that. 
Because we all like to see results - and we like to see them happen fast. 
That’s what the Insanity programme offers users. 

The benefits of cardio workouts are well known - just ask any doctor. 
But cardio programmes that are focused on training always deliver the best results - 
and that’s what the Insanity 60 Days Base Kit programme does. 

This is the programme to change your body into a lean, sculpted machine. 
This system doesn’t use any extras like weights to get you there, either. 
You only have to bring your willpower to start changing the shape your body 
is in now to the one you want it to be in soon. 

The Insanity system has ten DVDs total, offering an eating guide and a chart 
so users can keep up with how well they’re doing (this helps with motivation). 
You’ll be learning what’s called plyometric workout steps. 

That means that your muscles are going to use their own strength 
to push to the next level of fitness. 
It’s a type of performance training that benefits a lot of athletes 
and helps them push their bodies further and faster. 

The DVDs in the programme focus on 10 ways to help you get into shape. 
First up, in the first DVD, you’ll start by finding out how well you do with exercise. 
Next, you’ll be learning about the plyometric workout. 

You’ll get a DVD covering cardio, which teaches users the proper way 
to strengthen and build muscle while burning fat. 
You get one workout session that’s not as hard hitting so that your body can adjust. 

You actually get a variation of cardio workouts using this system, 
and each one is created to target the body to push the muscles 
to go longer than you thought possible and to become stronger than ever before. 
One of the favourites in the system is the workout that focuses on creating 
abs that are flat. 

This system mixes up exercises so that you get cardio mixed with strength training. 
It’s broken down into two halves with a week in between the two halves 
(the first 30 days is one half of the programme). 

The first month, you’ll work out less than an hour - 
but more than half an hour to each set. 
The pacing is intense and you’ll feel it, but it’s a good feeling. 
Then you’ll have your one week break (called Cardio Recovery) on the DVD, 
but it’s not a week of not working out at all - 
it’s just a different level of intensity. 

Once the first 30 days are complete, you move into the next month. 
By the time you’ve completed the entire 60 days, 
you will have lost clothing sizes and toned your body. 
It will make a difference in the way that you see yourself both 
physically and emotionally. 

The Insanity workout is difficult but the results are phenomenal.

No other exercise equipment is necessary – you just need a little space and a big heart!
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