Deciding on the Exercise Routine To Help With Your Mental Health

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Deciding on the Exercise Routine to help with your Mental Health

Today, you are going to work on customising your exercise routine for the purpose of helping with any mental health or emotional wellness help you need.

Here are some tips for choosing a routine that is right for you.

Choose the Days and Type of Exercise

The first part of creating an exercise routine that helps with your mental health is by choosing when and how to exercise.

This begins with the days you want to workout.

Really think about your schedule and when it is most realistic for you to fit it in.

Trying to do a one-hour workout, 6 days a week is probably not possible for most people. But if you know you tend to have Tuesdays and Thursdays open in the afternoon, that is a good way to start your routine.

Next, think about the types of exercises that you want to try out.

You of course can still experiment with different types of exercises, but start with at least one workout for each day (or the same for all days) of your routine.

Choose a Good Time of Day

It is also a good idea to think about the time of day, again with what is realistic, but also what is included in the rest of your routine.

For example, if this is part of your daily self-care routine, you might want it to be in the morning, when you write in your journal, then do a yoga session.

Or it can be in the afternoon after dinner when you are going to walk your dogs to the park, or do something active with your kids.

It is okay to choose a different time later on as your schedule changes, but starting with a good routine right now will help a lot.

Start with a Habit and Schedule it in

Routines don’t develop automatically, but instead over time.

You need to start by adding small changes to it now, then work on creating a habit with it.

Soon, it will be something you just automatically know to do every day without constantly checking your schedule.

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