Your Weight Loss Journey – Getting Past Disappointment

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Your Weight Loss Journey – Getting Past Disappointment

The weight loss journey in most cases will be one littered with highs and lows.

There will be times when you feel like you’re at the top of the world and there will be many days when you’re discouraged and feel like just quitting.

Just like any journey towards a worthy goal, there will be obstacles that seem insurmountable.

There will be times when the results are disappointing and not what you were hoping for. All these are par for the course.

  • Beating the first month

In the first month when you’re most enthusiastic and exercising daily, you’ll be doing your best to beat temptation and eat right.

You may notice that the weight on the scale doesn’t change that much.

Maybe you lose a few pounds in the first week, and after that results may be meagre or stagnant.

This is where most people get disappointed and lose faith in themselves. This journey is fraught with pitfalls, setbacks and illusions.

The biggest illusion of the lot is that no change is happening just because there’s no visible sign.

You first month of struggle will cause changes in your body that you can’t see.

If you’ve reduced your calorie intake, your body is adapting to the caloric deficit.

It’s still burning glucose for fuel, but also tapping into the fat stores every so often.

Your metabolism is going up. There’s no way to track this, but you’ll notice that your stamina and strength at the gym is slowly improving.

Despite all your effort, the weight on the scale may not move that much in the first 30 days.

You may feel like you’ve put in so much effort and it has yielded abysmal results. The juice just doesn’t seem worth the squeeze.

Do NOT be fooled by outward appearances.

Do NOT be disappointed and quit.

Change is taking place beneath the surface. Stick to what you’re doing and aim for day 60.

By then, you’ll see visible changes.

Take photos of yourself when you first start and of yourself on day 60. You’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

  • After day 60

But even then, you may still be disappointed. Depending on how overweight you are, sometimes 60 days may not be enough.

The problem with weight loss is that people think it can happen fast.

It’s not fast. It’s anything but fast.

So, if you’re 35 pounds overweight, you may have expected to lose all the weight in a month. But it didn’t happen.

You still stuck it out till day 60, and you’ve lost about 16 to 20 pounds. You look much slimmer.

Your friends and family notice that you’ve lost weight. Your old clothes are too big and you need a new wardrobe.

All that is good, but you’re still carrying about 15 to 20 extra pounds.

You were hoping against hope that you’d lose it all… and here the fat jiggles like a disgusting reminder that you haven’t done as well as you thought you would.

Once again, this is an illusion. You’ve done breathtakingly well.

  • The truth

You need another 30 days. In these 30 days, you will lose about 8 to 10 pounds and become even leaner.

Ideally, anyone who is on a weight loss program needs to give themselves at least 90 days.

You’re allowed to feel disappointed, but you need to keep going until day 90 and keep improving. The only way to get past disappointment is to ignore it and keep going.

Focus on improvement and not results. Clean up your diet, aim for a caloric deficit and exercise harder.

That’s all you need to do. Your attention is on improvement, not results.

The results will come with time. It may take you 90 days or even 120 days.

But it will come. Give yourself that time.

Don’t worry or get depressed that it’s taking you so long. If you quit, the time will pass anyway… and you’ll still be overweight.

Stick with it and get it over and done with.

One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.” – Henry Ward Beecher

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