Why You Should Stop Blaming Genetics and Start Blaming Your Diet

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Why You Should Stop Blaming Genetics and Start Blaming Your Diet

One of the most common excuses given by overweight people is that they’re fat because of their genes.

They either have big bones or everyone in their family is fat, so they ended up fat too.

The general idea is that hey have no control over their weight or how they look.

Once genes are used as a crutch to explain why you’re overweight, that takes away all motivation to even try changing your diet and sedentary lifestyle.

After all, why bother if you’re destined to be fat.

In this article, you’ll discover why you should stop blaming your genes and start blaming your diet.

  • Do genetics play a role?

Unfortunately, yes, they do.

Some people have a slower metabolism and are predisposed to weight gain.

It’s easier for them to gain weight and harder to lose it.

The fitness industry refers to them as endomorphs.

A very small percentage of the population are unable to lose weight no matter what they do.

It could be thyroid issues or other health problems.

The good news is that MOST people do not fall under this category and CAN lose weight.

  • Observing your habits

Generally, even if your genes dictate that you’ll gain weight more easily, it’s your diet that decides if you will.

Very often, if you looked at families where everyone is overweight, you’d notice very poor eating habits and food choices in the household.

Usually the parents are overweight and eat unhealthy foods. The kids then grow up eating these foods and it becomes a habit.

They then have kids and the vicious cycle repeats itself over and over.

Then the scenario where everyone in the family is overweight becomes a reality, but the underlying cause is never pinpointed.

  • Being realistic

Common sense will indicate that if you ate in moderation and cleaned up your diet, you will lose weight.

There are thousands of people with poor genetics and who came from families where everyone was overweight – but they managed to lose the excess weight anyway.

It all comes down to your food choices, and to some degree the level of activity in your life.

The moment you clean up your diet and eat moderately, you’ll start seeing the pounds melting off regardless of your genetics.

Very often, if you’re ill for a few days, you may notice that you lose a few pounds.

It happens to almost all of us because we just didn’t eat as much when we were sick.

So, even those with ‘fat genes’ can lose weight just by eating less.

  • Results or excuses

The moment you use your genetics as an excuse, you take away power from yourself.

You’ll blame your genes for your current situation and don’t take responsibility for where you are.

The truth of the matter is that your weight and health is in your hands… and what those hands put in your mouth.

If you were sent to a bootcamp where they only fed you two small meals a day and you had no choice but to eat those and nothing else, you know in your heart you’d lose the weight.

It’d be a struggle and uncomfortable, but you’d lose it.

Genetics or not, the fundamentals of weight gain and weight loss never change.

The more you eat, the more weight you gain and vice-versa.

So, watch your diet like a hawk and eat at a calorie deficit.

You may have been dealt a bad hand with the genes, but you’re not a fatty prisoner to your heredity.

You can get the body of your dreams. Give yourself a chance.

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