Tracking – The Habit of Measuring and Managing Your Health

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Tracking – The Habit of Measuring and Managing Your Health

There’s an old saying that goes,

Health is a crown on a well man’s head that no one can see but a sick man”.

While there are many variations to this quote, the essence and meaning of it remains the same.

We take good health for granted, until we fall ill.

Then we look back on our ‘careless’ lifestyle with remorse and wish we had taken better care of ourselves.

If you’re healthy and reading this, that’s excellent news. It’s never too late to start.

It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, obese, or rarely exercise.

Just the act of starting today is enough to change the course of your health.

You’re probably wondering, “Start what?”

For starters, you can start tracking your health. Weigh yourself and note down your weight.

You may wish to see your doctor and find out your bodyweight percentage and do a blood test to ascertain your blood lipid profile.

Knowing where you stand is the first step to progress.

You may have high cholesterol or be pre-diabetic, but you still can make positive changes and improve.

The first step will be to reduce your consumption of sugar and carbs.

Track ALL the foods you consume. This is the MOST important step when it comes to managing your health.

In the grand scheme of things, your diet is more important than exercise for maintaining your health.

If your diet is clean and on point, even a 30-minute walk daily will keep you healthy.

But if your diet is poor, you could be gasping and doing CrossFit daily, but you’ll still have health issues. Focus on your diet.

You’ll want to study nutrition and slowly replace the processed foods you normally consume with healthier options.

Start consuming more healthy fats like coconut oil, fish oil and extra virgin olive oil.

You’ll want to write down in a journal how you feel.

If you’re lethargic and your body aches, you may be suffering from inflammation.

By cleaning up your diet, you’ll reduce inflammation and lose weight in the process.

While you won’t see results overnight, over a space of 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll notice that you feel more energetic and ‘lighter’.

Your moods improve, and you may even have lost some weight. Write it all down and you can track your progress.

Check the foods you eat and see if you’re getting enough nutrients.

You may wish to supplement your diet with a multivitamin.

If you don’t wish to eat fish, you can take fish oil capsules.

If your diet lacks vegetables, you may take a greens supplement.

Garlic is fantastic for your health, but to get sufficient quantities of allicin (the active ingredient), you’re better off taking a supplement.

You’d only know all these little facts if you made it a habit to learn how to improve your health.

Studying a little each day and applying what you learn in your life will help you to see positive changes in your health and well-being.

Small efforts will yield big results over time. So, make it a habit to watch your health, your weight and your actions.

If you can do that, you’ll lose your excess pounds and be a picture of health in no time at all.

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