Simple Tips To Start Your Weight Loss Journey

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Simple Tips To Start Your Weight Loss Journey
Simple Tips To Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Simple Tips To Start Your Weight Loss Journey


Today couldn’t be a better time to develop an exercise plan and put it into high gear!

There are lots of things that trigger us to wake up and recognise the body we’re got isn’t the healthiest of bodies.

Stress and anxiety, especially with summer not many weeks away, can lead to over-eating and enhanced cortisol levels – both of which are not conducive to getting or staying fit.

Being overwhelmed with balancing all elements of life – job, children, home, college, and so on, can cause us to under eat or visit a drive-thru without thinking twice.

There are a wide variety of aspects that can throw our healthy and balance routines off track or just simply off the radar.

When we shed just a small amount of weight, we receive a ton of health and wellness benefits.                                 

Our chances of developing diseases such as diabetes and heart problems decreases.                                                      We are much less likely to struggle with sleep apnea.                                                                                                              Our blood pressure drops and we really feel much better about ourselves.                                                                        We get an energy boost as we end up being more energetic and we produce more feel-good hormones when we work out.

Regardless of how you cut it, medical or physical, the advantages of working out as well as losing weight are many.

So with that said, it’s time to start the trip that will eventually transform your life … are you all set? Then let’s get started.


Once you decide to begin taking steps towards a much healthier lifestyle, it is essential to adhere with certain requirements in order to guarantee success.

From experience, the following points are what I believe are crucial to any effective weight loss plan

Establish Sensible Goals

If you have 50 pounds to shed, don’t plan on losing it all in two months.

Losing half to one kilo a week is sensible and also maintainable, however not much more than that.

So if you intend to lose that 50 pounds, plan on doing so over a period of 6-7 months instead.

This will certainly be a lot easier for you to maintain if drop down at a consistent rate, and it will be a much healthier strategy.

Exercise Patience

Keep in mind that it took a while for you to reach where you are today.

So don’t anticipate to see progress take place magically, and do not get discouraged when things are taking longer than you really hoped or expected.

The most maintainable results are those that are accomplished in a healthy and balanced fashion and not in a crash-diet method.

Avoid fad diets
Avoid fad diets

Acknowledge Mistakes and Move On

In an ideal world, we’d never fall of track or make mistakes, however that’s simply not the truth.

There will be times where you will experience setbacks – you’ll sneak in a slice of cake, skip a workout, or find yourself at a McDonald’s drive thru.

The only time mistakes will make a dent in your progress is if you let one turn into 5 or 6, or more.

Recognise it happened, try to understand what triggered it, forgive yourself and move on.

Share your Goals

We have a tendency to feel answerable when others around us recognize what we’re working towards.

For example, if you tell your coworkers about a weight loss goal, you’ll be much less likely or at the very least think twice before to having a treat if you are out having a coffee together.

Celebrate Small Successes

Let’s return to the example of intending to shed 50 pounds.

Maybe part of your weight reduction plan is to begin exercising, something you have previously never actually stuck to.

Establish a goal of working out three days a week for a month.

As soon as you achieve that, reward yourself with something non-food related, like a trip to a local health spa or some new gym clothing.

It’s the little steps that get us to the goal, so celebrate them!

Remember the saying – By the inch it’s a cinch – By the yard it’s hard.

*** PLEASE NOTE ****.
Seek Medical Advice First.
People tend to think they only require to be cleared by a doctor prior to working out if they have a known medical problem or old injury, however that’s not necessarily the case.

Sometimes most of exercise-induced injuries are a result of an unidentified heart condition of some sort in combination with strenuous exercise. It’s not a bad idea to see your doctor for a checkup before starting any regular work out programme.

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