Meat Diet ‘best for old bones’

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Meat Diet ‘best for old bones’

According to an article in the DAILY MAIL, Monday July 13, 2020,

PLANT-BASED proteins will not boost muscle health as much as 

eating meat as we get older, a study suggests.

Researchers found that animal protein is more effective than plant

protein in preventing muscles wasting away.

The UK has 600,000 vegans and many have joined the booming

trend for health, animal welfare or environmental reasons.

But the study found that vegans would need to eat a lot more grains,

pulses and beans if they want to get the same benefits that meat,

dairy and eggs offer to ageing bodies.

The researchers from King’s College London suggest people should

eat a balance of both animal and plant proteins.

The report said: “While we know plant-based diets are beneficial for

the environment, we don’t know how healthy these diets are for keeping

muscles strong. Transitioning from an animal-based protein diet to

a plant-based protein diet is likely to be detrimental to muscle health

during ageing”.

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