Juice & Smoothies – Spice it Up

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Juice & Smoothies – Spice it Up

If want even more ways to add nutrients to your juice or smoothies, don’t forget about the spices!

We really love to add them because you get brand new flavours, while using superfood spices that are loaded with important vitamins and minerals.

Here are some of the reasons to add spices to your juice and smoothies.

Benefits of Spices

Aside from adding a delicious flavour, spices actually offer a wide variety of health benefits.

While not all spices are going to taste great in juice or a smoothie, cinnamon can add a delicious zest and can also help stabilise blood sugar.

This is particularly important for those that struggle with diabetes or other conditions such as hypoglycemia.

Vanilla is not often thought of as a spice, but vanilla extract is made from the vanilla bean and is high in anti-oxidants.

In fact, vanilla extract can contain anywhere from 30% – 90% of the same antioxidant levels as the actual bean.

Cocoa is also another spice that can not only add a delicious flavour to your smoothies but actually boost your mood as well.

Cardamom is another great spice to add to smoothies, particularly if you want a smoothie that tastes just like a chai tea latte.

Try to add just one spice and a little amount until you know what flavour you are getting, or you can find smoothie recipes that include spices if you’re brand new to using them. Have fun!


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