How to Jumpstart Weight Loss – Part 3

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Exercise Outdoors
Exercise Outdoors


It’s important to decide what type of working out you want to engage in- lifting weights, dancing, swimming, biking, etc.

Whatever you choose, choose something that you enjoy doing, to increase your chances of sticking to it.

If, for example, you choose weight lifting, you could start off with a workout that looks something like this:

3 days a week, lift weights

Each time, do a full-body workout

Begin with stretches and some cardio to warm up

Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps of one exercise per each body part (i.e. shoulders, hamstrings, biceps, abs, etc.)

If you decide to do just cardio instead as a starter, you could do something like this:

3 days a week, do cardio

Each time, you can either do the same form of cardio or switch it up (i.e. elliptical trainer, treadmill, bike)

Begin with stretches and some very easy, slow-paced cardio to warm up

Workout for 15-30 minutes, depending on your ability level

Stretch as part of a cool down routine

It’s important to start off slow and gradually build up.

With weight lifting, you can add more weight to your lifts as you progress.

With cardio, you can add more time to your sessions as you progress.

You don’t want to jump in head deep and not have anywhere to progress to or over train and get burnt out. Baby steps are key when starting a workout program.

Once you reach your initial goal, you may find yourself setting another one, and that’s great. It’s important to always have something to work towards or look forward to.

When you are able to view fitness, health and wellness as a journey and not just a destination, you will find it much more enjoyable


While New Year’s may be the trigger for your resolution-setting, motivation-gaining lifestyle change, it’s important to understand that being well is a 24/7/365 job.

By finding ways to stick to fitness, by partaking in physical activities you love and eating foods that are not only healthy but that you enjoy, you will find yourself on a path to a much healthier life.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities and before you know it, you’ll be blowing past those New Year’s Resolutions and into even healthier territories.

So in saying that, the following things will help you incorporate health into your daily lifestyle so you are living it everyday of your life rather than a fly by night fad.

Practice Moderation

Denying yourself from eating sweets ever again in your whole life just isn’t fun, let’s face it. Allow yourself treats in moderation.

If you want a cupcake, have one, just have it after a hard workout.

Plan smart and you’ll still be able to enjoy what you love without derailing your progress or maintenance.

Expand your Palate

Try different foods on a regular basis. You may find that the broccoli you despised as a kid is actually now one of your favorite vegetables.

Keep your taste buds on their toes and incorporate new healthy foods to keep things from getting boring.

Keep Hydrated
Keep Hydrated

Drink Lots of Water

Often times we think we’re hungry when we’re actually just thirsty. In addition to staving off hunger, drinking water helps regulate body processes and keeps skin hydrated.

If you’re a coffee or tea lover, be sure to drink equal amounts of water per ounces of coffee or tea. So, if you have an 8 ounce serving of coffee, also drink 8 ounces of water.

Eat small healthy meals
Eat small healthy meals

Eat Small, Frequent Meals

Eating regularly helps control and maintain blood sugar, so you won’t have any sudden drops or spikes, which often signal us to eat.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, also rises after we don’t eat for a few hours. Have small, healthy snacks with you wherever you go to avoid finding yourself inhaling a Big Mac.

Be a Picky Diner

Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications to menu items when dining out at restaurants.

If you order vegetables, ask that they be cooked in olive oil, not butter. Ask for half of your entrée to be boxed before it’s even brought out.

Ask for sauces and dressings to be served on the side instead of on the dish or salad.

There are tons of calorie traps lurking at restaurants, but if you’re smart, you can work your way around them.

If you incorporate these little lifestyle tips now, you will be well served in your future health.

Well we’ve reached the end of our super simple guide to kickstart your weight loss journey successfully, hope you’ve picked up some great tips that will ensure long term healthy weight loss.

Get started today!


Traditional long form cardio is getting bashed all over the place nowadays.

It’s not my favourite form of exercise either, nor do I think it’s the best option for fat loss and overall health and fitness.

At least not if that’s all you’re doing.

But cardio can definitely be effective and have its own place as part of a well-designed fitness programme.

Cardio should be one component of your programme, not the only component.

Then the question that gets asked a lot is, “if I’m training for fat loss, when should I do my cardio, before or after my weight training session?”

Great question! You’re on a roll! Oh, wait! That’s just the same question


So, weights then cardio, or cardio then weights?

The answer is… Weights then CARDIO!

So why resistance training first?

For starters, if you do cardio first, your weight training performance (and results) will suffer.

Here’s a dirty little secret cardio bunnies and makers of “aerobics” dvds don’t want you to know.

Intense, high quality weight training is MORE effective for taking fat off and keeping it off than cardio!

Hit the weights while you’re fresh, then move to your cardio. Yes, of course, you can do a few minutes of a general warm up if you need it.

Glycogen Depletion

By hitting the weights first, you’ll also deplete your glycogen stores, leaving your body primed and pumped to dip into its stores of excess body fat to fuel the cardio portion of your workout.

The flip side of that is that fat is not an efficient fuel for weight training. Glycogen is the preferred source of fuel for short, intense muscle contractions.

By hitting the weights first, you’ve allowed your body to have the preferred muscle fuel available and primed it to burn fat as soon as you start your cardio. NICE!

If you want to be efficient and MAXIMIZE your results, it’s strength training first, then cardio!

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