How To Jumpstart Weight Loss – Part 1

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weight loss jump start
weight loss jump start

How To Jumpstart Weight Loss – Part 1


There are numerous myths concerning weight loss around that can derail you before you start.

Identifying what they are can go a long way towards helping you reach your own weight loss goals.

Right here are 5 myths concerning shedding fat you need to disregard.

Diet Plans Do Not Work

Sure they do!

Virtually all diets work, at the very least in the short term.                                                                          Diet plans should really only be for the short term.                                                                                        You can take off the excess weight pretty quickly with an efficient diet plan.
However you KEEP the weight off with a LIFESTYLE adjustment!

People go on a diet plan, shed weight, and return to what they were doing previously, which is exactly how they added all that extra fat to begin with.
Then they criticize the diet plan for not working.                                                                                           

It’s not the diet, it’s the lifestyle

Going Very Low-Calorie is Bad

Going really low calorie, and even outright fasting, can be an incredibly efficient method to reduce weight rapidly, as you get a larger calorie deficit and make the body to burn fat for energy.

However it has to be done properly.

You can’t go very low-calorie for a long stretch at 
a time, perhaps just a couple of days here and there to jumpstart the metabolism.

I Simply Want To Tone Up

I have always disliked this one. There is no such thing as getting toned.                                                          You can develop muscle mass and you can burn fat.     That’s it.

What the majority of people call toning up is burning away fat while maintaining lean muscle.                            You don’t want to shed muscle together with the fat or you’ll just be a smaller sized version of your fat self, or what we call skinny fat.

Light-Weight High-Repetition Training Is The Best Way To Burn Fat

It can be efficient, if done properly. But to see results you must work hard.

The best training method for fat loss is a mix of heavier training, to maintain mass and strength, as well as lighter, high-rep training that concentrates on Lactic Acid accumulation.

When Lactic Acid builds up in the body, this changes the acidity (the pH) in the bloodstream.                        Your body responds to this by secreting Growth Hormone, which is a powerful fat-burning, muscle-preserving hormone.

You Can Never Eat Your Favourite Foods Again

Simply not true. Of course you can.                                                                                                             

Can you consume whatever you want, whenever you want?

NO, however that does not mean you can never have ice cream, pizza, or chips again.

Keep these five weight loss myths in mind when learning how to jumpstart your weight loss journey and you can get better results from your training and also nutrition programmes.

Now we’ve dealt with these myths, it’s time for working out a plan of just how you’re going to begin living a much healthier life.    

Part 2 of this series of articles will give you Nutrition tips to burn more calories.

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