My Favourite Protein Shaker Bottles and Why

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You can pick up a protein shaker from pretty much any gym or supplement shop, but which ones are the best to go for?

When I first started drinking protein shakes I always ended up with a lumpy mess. Clearly I was using the wrong protein shaker for the powder I was using. I have tried various different protein powders with different shakers but I have found, what I think, is the optimal shaker.

Before you think protein shaker…

I will start by sharing my what-not-to-do’s. Simply follow this list to help avoid ending up with a lumpy mess:

  • No matter what the packaging tells you, a 5 second “vigorous” shake will never be enough.
  • Don’t use a regular sports bottle, even if you are desperate.
  • Milk may taste better and have more protein but it’s also a lot thicker – try water you’ll get used to the taste.
  • Put the liquid in the protein shaker first, then add the protein on top.
  • Avoid using a blender, they tend to froth it up too much.
  • Make sure you hold the lid tight as you shake!

The protein shaker comparison


Coil blender protein shakerAn idea that seems good, but in practice it doesn’t work for me. The Blenderbottle protein shaker that has a metal coil ball that rolls around as you shake. The metal coil ball is flexible and goes into the shaker with your water/milk and powder.

You can hear it bouncing around in there, and it does help to mix, but it’s just not enough to get rid of all the lumps effectively.

I didn’t actually buy one of these, it was a freebie with an order once so I can’t be too harsh (unless that’s why it was free).

You can read our full product review of the BlenderBottle HERE


Mesh protein shakerThe most popular of the shakers has to be the gauze variant. It has a mesh disc that sits between the lid and the vessel.

The design is pretty simple but very effective at the same time. The gauze (or mesh) helps separate the protein powder and mix it all up with minimal lumps.

It is the protein shaker of choice for me and the one I recommend time and time again. These are generally made to last, the one I own has been with me for almost 2 years!They are simple, sturdy and well made shakers – totally worth every penny. This one is from MyProtein.


SmartShake protein shakerHowever, today I came across a completely new patented protein shaker called the Smartshake.

It’s design allows for storage of different supplements within the bottle. No not with the water, the bottle actually splits into several parts.

One part is sectioned to allow for different supplement to be separated. Another part is big enough to allow a couple scoops of your favourite protein. Surely this is what any gym goer wants?

Well I was sold just from looking at the pictures on twitter.

I have now tried and tested this shaker after receiving one from MyProtein. A great shaker and water bottle, I use this most days. I can take it filled with water for when I’m working out, then I refill it after and add my protein.

The only downside I can find is that it can be a pain to clean with lots of nooks and cranny’s where protein tends to build up.

My Latest Find

Promixx protein mixerI Just found out about these other shakers, that you don’t actually shake you simply press a button! It is called the PROMIXX Vortex Mixer, I have just ordered one ┬áso will let you know how they compare to the others above.

OK so today, I received my PROMIXX Vortex .

Just tried it with water and protein powder – straight out the box it is very easy to use with only 3 parts.

It has a sturdy construction with some nice rubber features such as the base which makes it feel secure on any surface.

The motor is silent but you will need to buy your own 2 x AAA batteries. A great little mixer that leaves no lumps.

It is also easy to clean as the inside of the lid is flat and the design inside is smooth with no areas for protein powder to get stuck. This is now my favourite bottle!

If you have a favourite, leave a comment below and let others benefit from shared knowledge.

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