What You Need to Know before Taking Up Biking/Cycling

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What you need to know before taking up Cycling
What you need to know before taking up Cycling

Are you considering biking/cycling as a pastime or maybe a method of workout?

Maybe you are dumping the car or public transport and taking up biking  as a way to get around.

Either way it's a wonderful pastime or exercise that is enjoyable and simple.

Below's what you'll need to get going in your biking.

5 Things You Need to Begin Biking/Cycling

1. The bike naturally - This obviously goes without saying.

You will certainly need to select the ideal bike that is suitable for you. This is likely to be the most significant procedure of the entire thing.

First you need to make a decision where you will probably ride your bike. Paved roadway? Dusty tracks? Hills? Flat surface?
You'll also need to get one that's the ideal size.

2.  Biking shorts - While you can just put on any type clothing, biking shorts are better being tight so there's no issue of any material getting caught in a chain or on the seat triggering an injury.

3.  A helmet - You will need to have safety gear.

You definitely need to keep your head protected in case of a fall.

It may also be required by legislation depending upon where you are bike riding. So if you are considering skipping the bike headgear, check your local laws to make certain you aren't required to wear one.

4. A bike repair kit or something to repair a puncture

Flat tyres are going to take place no matter just how careful you are.

You'll need an inner tube, pump, patch, and also tire levers.

It's best if you find out how find out how to repair a puncture before you take up cycling. Having the tools is great, but they are only beneficial if you know how to use them.

Check somewhere like Youtube for video tutorials on the internet, or if you have a good friend that's handy see if they know exactly how to repair a puncture and can show you how to do it.

There's absolutely nothing worse than getting stranded with a flat tyre and not having the tools or know-how to repair it.

5. An understanding of the rules of the road, such as not riding your bike on pavements; to cycle on the same side of the road as traffic is going, as well as how to make hand signals to ensure that when you want to turn you can do do safely.

If you will be riding at night, you'll want to obtain some kind of bike lights for the front and back of the bike as well.

There are several points you could include in this checklist, but these are the essentials.

If you are likely to take up cycling for exercise, you might think about getting an exercise bicycle for days when you can't get outside as a result of weather.

Exercise cycles are great for when its wet outdoors
Exercise cycles are great for when its wet outdoors

Most importantly a desire to ride is going to be very essential.

You don't want to experience the process of picking out and purchasing a bike only to later find it's not for you.

See if you can borrow a bike from somebody to try it out so there's no doubt that you are going to enjoy cycling before spending money on something that will likely wind up accumulating dust.

Chances are, however, that once you start you won't wish to quit.



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