Mpow iPhone Running Armband Review

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Mpow iPhone Running Armband
Mpow iPhone Running Armband

The Mpow  iPhone Running Armband has been manufactured with Sport in mind and its stylish and comfortable to wear.

The Mpow running armband is made from high quality Lycra, which makes it very lightweight (82 grams). It is also resistant to sweat & moisture as you would expect.

Which Phones can the Mpow iPhone Running Armband be used with?

It can be used with the iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6 Plus and most phones up to 5.5 inches.

Where can it be used?

Whether you are walking, hiking, cycling, or running the Mpow iPhone Running Armband is your ideal companion. Because of its reflective frame it can be used at night.

It will keep your phone dry because of the flap that covers the phone.

However it is not fully waterproof so it should not be immersed in water. It is not recommended to be used where it will be exposed to heavy sweating which is generated with marathon running of other extensive activities.

What are the main features of the Mpow iPhone Running Armband?

The ultra-thin PVC transparent screen is sensitive and give you easy access to your screens functions, which means that you can enjoy your phone or music at anytime. (Please note that, like the majority of other armbands on the market, Home button does not support TouchID fingerprints).

The armband is very versatile having an adjustable arm width so fits arm sizes ranging from 255 mm to 570 mm. This is achieved with 2 regulator slots and the Velcro strip. It’s very simple to tighten and loosen to get a suitable fit.

The Mpow armband is very user friendly and has key and running headphone wire holders for convenient storage. It also has 5 built-in hidden holes on the reverse side giving easy access to the earphone jack.

Is there a guarantee?

Mpow is a leading brand and offers a full 45 day return and 18 month worry free guarantee.

Quick Summary Of The Main Features

  1. Stylish, comfortable and soft.

  2. Worry free phone operation

  3. Sport friendly design

  4. Handy Storage

  5. Adjustable arm width.

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