Keep Hydrated and Healthy Cycling

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Keep Hydrated and Healthy on long cycle trips
Keep Hydrated and Healthy on long cycle trips

How to Keep Hydrated and Healthy on a lengthy Bike Journey

Are you preparing a lengthy bike trip?

If you are, you will want to stay healthy as well as hydrated throughout the journey.  It's really essential to find ways to replace nutrients as well as keep hydrated.                                                                              One bottle of water probably isn't going to suffice.                                  Below are  suggestions to stay healthy and hydrated on long bike trips.


It is very important that you keep hydrated.

You have must replace the liquids that your body sheds through sweating or you're likely to suffer if you don't.
Consume water, tea, or diluted fruit juices, but absolutely nothing with a lot of calories. 

Your key source of hydration should be water though, so drink frequently and try and drink                                      before you become thirsty as that's the initial sign of dehydration.

Drink often and regularly on the bike. While having to dismount for a pee may be a drag while on the bike,                    you need to still feel urge to got to the toilet about every hour                                                                                  This is an indicator that you're staying well hydrated.

Having to get off the bike to go to the toilet every hour throughout a long bike journey                                                    will also help to keep you from becoming fatigued.
You need to replace electrolytes with drink or hydration chew/bar.                                                                              This is particularly helpful if you are cycling in really hot weather.

Calorie Intake

You will certainly need to bear in mind to absorb calories on your long bike trip.                                                      Hydration is really essential, however calories provide you with the energy you require to keep yourself going.                So you need to be aware of your calorie intake prior to, during, and even after your bike ride.

Easy to digest carbs are what you need to eat prior to, during, and after your trip.                                                      This provides muscles with the most power as well as sustaining them for the longest amount of time.

You need to replenish the calories that you burn - ideally nor more and no less.                                                            So you will certainly need to understand how many calories you can burn in an hour                                                      as well as how much you can easily replace.

Consider supplements.                                                                                                                                          Since having to stop to have a meal on a bike journey is not what you really want to do,                                              you should try to find a way to continuously replace those calories burnt by taking a supplement.     

You'll probably find supplements easier to digest while biking.

Nonetheless, having a meal before and after your ride may be best.                                                                          Make sure to take in easily absorbed carbohydrates for about half an hour before                                                        your bike ride to keep your body healthy and strong.

Travelling light on a long bike journey isn't going to be very easy, so plan ahead.                                                          Try and find out what the weather is going to be like so you know how much fluid you'll need to replace,                        as well as knowing the amount of calories you burn in 60 minutes on your bike ride so you can replace these as well.

Don't overdo things and exhaust yourself either.                                                                                                        Make time to rest and restore your fluids as well as calories. This will help you to keep going longer.

If you pay attention to your body and replenish all liquids before you really feel thirsty, you'll have a fun, healthy and enjoyable long bike trip.

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