Family Friendly Bike Trails- Enjoyable Exercise

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Family Friendly Biking Trails
Family Friendly Biking Trails

Family Friendly Bike Trails

Biking can be a fun family exercise.

If you are considering taking your family on some bike trails, you’ll want to do some research first.


Some trails/tracks don’t allow kids. It’s for the safety and security of every person so don’t be surprised.  So you will need to do your research in advance to find out if the ones your planning on visiting are suitable for children.

Below are some tips that will help you find a bike trail suitable for your family.

Choosing a Family Friendly Bike Trail

1. Visit bike stores in the area where you live and ask them to recommend some bike trails for a family ride.      If you tell them the ages of all children who will be with you, they can take this information into consideration before recommending somewhere.

2. Try and find flat, picturesque, and low traffic areas.

It’s best if you can find a trail that has plenty of places where you can stop along the way to have a break, or a location where you can have a picnic lunch with the family.

Obviously a bike trail that has some great scenery will please everyone.

3. If you can find a bike trail where you can hire bikes and perhaps trailers for smaller sized children,            this would be helpful if you are a fair distance from home.                                                                              This way you do not need to haul your own bikes with you, but make sure you pack the safety helmets and clothing.

4. If possible try to find trails that offer something to look forward to along the way.

For example, after say 3 kilometers there’s going to be some old buildings to explore, or perhaps there’s an ice cream shop where you can get a treat for the everyone.

If the kids know that there is something special along the way, then it will help keep them interested.

5. Do a Google search for family bike trails in areas away from where you live and would like to take a family bike ride.

You’ll find a lot of excellent tips for trails in that area.

Click here for more information about traffic free family rides along the UK National Cycle Network. 

One of the most vital points to remember when on a family bike trip is your youngsters’ tiredness.                  Take lots of short breaks.                                                                                                                               

This is one of the reasons that some bike trails are not suitable for children.                                                  They may be narrow and don’t have many areas suitable for a family to stop and have a break.                        You may find that older people are going to ride faster and may get frustrated with the more leisurely family groups.

So it’s really important you stick to trails that are much easier for your kids to ride along and with a lot of areas to rest.

If do your research and planning you will certainly find some great bike trails that the whole family will enjoy.

If you try a trail and you enjoyed it, the why not pass on the details to your friends so they can try it out as well.

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