Choosing the Right Bike/Cycle For You

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Choosing the Right Bike/Cycle - AdonisFitness
Choosing the Right Bike/Cycle – AdonisFitness

Choosing the Right Bike/Cycle

There is a great deal that can go into into purchasing the best bike for you. You most likely have a spending plan in mind of what you are willing to spend on a bike, but how do you know you’re obtaining the most effective value for your money?

Here are some things you should look out for when buying a bike.

How You Know You Are Buying the Right Bike for You

1. You will certainly need to identify exactly how you are going to use your bike.

Will you be a regular cyclist?

Mountain biker?

Weekend family biking?

There are basically 3 various type of bikes that are made for different terrains.

Road bikes are designed as you would picture for the road.

They are used on smooth road surfaces and they are designed for speed.

They have thin tyres with a light frame.   This isn’t a really tough frame.

It’s meant for speed, not harsh or bumpy surfaces.

You will certainly be arched down over the handlebars, making you a lot more aerodynamic.

Mountain bikes though are made for a rough surface. These bikes have broad tyres with a knobbly surface.

You can ride your Mountain Bike on most surfaces!
You can ride your Mountain Bike on most surfaces!

The framework is heavier and also it’s more robust than road bikes.

They have a more rugged frame and you will discover they are a lot more comfortable to ride.

You sit much more upright which is terrific for those with back troubles.

Hybrid bikes offer the best of both worlds between road bikes and mountain bikes. They are good for shorter rides. You sit upright on these bikes, too. It’s perhaps a good bike for your leisurely Sunday morning trip with the family. This type of bike has it all – speed, durability, and comfort.

Tandem Cycle AdonisFitness
Tandem Cycle AdonisFitness

2. Now maybe these conventional bikes aren’t what you’re looking for. Perhaps you like to think beyond the box. A tandem bike, tricycle, or recumbent may be more of what you have in mind. They are not bikes you will see on a regular basis, yet you may want to consider these bikes if the sort of typical biking mentioned above is not what you wish to do.


Bike with child trailer AdonisFitness
Bike with child trailer AdonisFitness

3. If you are likely to be wanting to carry your child along with you or need a basket for groceries then you will need to make certain the bike is suitable for including a child seat, trailer or placing a basket on the front. Talk to the bike salesperson about your requirements.

4. If you are finding it difficult to determine what will be best for you, then see if you can borrow a bike before spending any money Maybe a friend has a bike you can borrow or hire one from a bike hire company to see how you like it. Having a test ride before buying is always recommended.

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