Biking with Your Family – An Enjoyable & Healthy Activity

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Biking with Your Family – An Enjoyable Activity

Biking with Your Family
Biking with Your Family

The family that bikes together, stays together. Okay, perhaps it’s not the magic bullet for family togetherness, but it definately can be enjoyable as well as it being great exercise.  Cycling around the countryside with each other as a family can be lots of fun. 

There are some things you will need to bear in mind when you do take the family biking, however.

So below are some ideas to make your biking trips more enjoyable.

Tips for Biking as a Family

Bike with child trailer AdonisFitness
Bike with child trailer AdonisFitness

Keep in mind the ages of your children. If you have very young kids, then you’ll need a trailer that can be fixed to your bike or a suitable safety seat.  

Try to find one that is safe for the age of your children and do not fail to get them safety equipment (safety helmet).

Get them used to using it while they are young.

With younger children who are just finding out how to ride a bike, you will need to choose a trail that will be easy for them to manage.                                                                                           A smooth paved road or trail will be simpler to navigate. 

Wherever you choose to go make sure it’s family friendly. 

Until all the family are used to cycling, a recognised bike trail/track would probably be the best option.

Get your bikes all ready before to you go.

Carry a bike repair kit in case of a flat tyre
Carry a bike repair kit in case of a flat tyre

You don’t want to get where you’re going to and discover that one of the bikes has a flat tyre or a faulty chain. So give your bikes a checkup before going out as a family to go biking.

Make sure you read our article on bike maintenance

The children ought to be a part of this procedure as well, because they need recognise what to look for should a problem develop.

Plan where you’re you go before setting out.

This way someone who wishes to go on ahead isn’t held back by a much less experienced biker and stragglers know where to meet up.                                                                                                                              Everybody needs to know the route you plan on taking and that nobody should wander off that route.

Discuss the ground rules  beforehand. It isn’t actually realistic to expect older children to ride slower than younger ones.

On a family cycling trip it should be okay for others to forge ahead, but they should know that they have to keep in sight or that they can only go a certain distance in front of the rest of the family.                                    Perhaps you could let one parent stay with the older children, and the other keep with the younger ones.

Be prepared.

If you’re thinking of going miles away from where you live, then there are certain things everybody should to take with them.

Someone needs to not be in charge of carrying things for everyone. Each person should have his/her own water bottle.

A small first aid kit is a necessity and it should including plasters, gauze, antiseptic cream/spray, something to soothe blisters, and also painkillers.

A mobile phone or GPS gadget will be useful along with a small bike repair kit for those just-in-case occurrences that could happen.

Parents should think about taking extra socks, sweathshirts, water, snacks, as well as sunscreen for everybody in their bag.

Biking as a family can be a truly satisfying and fun experience, even having the children along.

What better means to get out with each other in the outdoors, see some great views, as well as exercise with each other?

It creates a healthy and happy family – especially when you have planned your trip in advance.

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