Family Friendly Bike Trails- Enjoyable Exercise

Family Friendly Bike Trails Biking can be a fun family exercise. If you are considering taking your family on some bike trails, you’ll want to do some research first. Some trails/tracks don’t allow kids. It’s for the safety and security of every person so don’t be surprised.  So you will need to do your research in advance to find out if the ones your planning on visiting are suitable for children. Below are some tips that will help you find a bike trail suitable for your family.

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5 Bike Maintenance Tips – Cycling For Health & Fitness

5 Bike Maintenance Tips

Once you’ve bought your bike be sure to keep it maintained.
You have made an investment so you will want to get as much use out of the bike as possible.
Buy yourself a good bike maintenace tool kit.
Cycle maintenance can generally be done by you and if you carry out these five points, you will certainly save yourself from problems when out riding and costly repairs later on.

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Keep Hydrated and Healthy Cycling

Are you preparing a lengthy bike trip?
If you are, you will want to stay healthy as well as hydrated throughout the journey.  It’s really essential to find ways to replace nutrients as well as keep hydrated.  One bottle of water probably isn’t going to suffice.                                 
Below are  suggestions to stay healthy and hydrated on long bike trips.

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