Travelling abroad without breaking routine

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So you’re travelling abroad to a different country but you are mid way through a routine, you have two choices. The first being the obvious choice, and the one everybody is telling you to do. Quit, “take a break from your routine” they’ll say. But what they don’t know is how hard you have worked to get to where you are. Sometimes the hardest part is the start, so to quit now would mean you have to start again later. The good news is the choice is yours, which brings me to the second option you have – stick with it!

Don’t give up!

Your routine could be a switch in your diet or a new 12 week gym routine your trying out, whatever it is you should stick to it. There’s always something that can be done so you can continue your routine when travelling abroad, whether it be seeking out places you can buy your healthy food or checking into a hotel with a gym on site. You can even substitute workouts for things you will be doing when out and about. For example, if you normally do 45mins of cardio at the gym do and hour of walking instead.

Remember – winners never quit, quitters never win.

Travelling abroad should still be fun!

Do the boring part before you go, take notes of the healthiest places to eat either on an app on your mobile device or using a good old fashioned note pad! I always have a pocket notebook for the gym to jot down my results – you can take this with you when you travel abroad. Planning is always required when on a strict diet so you should be good at it by now, keep this in mind so you don’t fall behind.


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