Top tips for a perfect deadlift

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The perfect deadlift is what every body builder aims for when executing this move, but is it that simple to get right? No of course not, it takes much practice to pull off the perfect deadlift but with our top 3 tips to the perfect deadlift, we hope we can point you in the right direction.

Prepare your back.

Deadlifts always seem to be simple when watching a pro do it, however it always looks easy when someone who has had years of training does it. So to get the perfect deadlift the things you should be aware of are the muscles that will be actually doing the lifting. It's not just your back muscles - your hips, legs and arms will also be helping a great deal as this is a core exercise. So here are some top tips and pointers that you should be thinking about when performing a deadlift:

  • Keep your back as straight as possible, a bent or rounded back will cause a lot of pain and set you back weeks
  • Being bent over with a straight back means you need to stick out that bum of yours!
  • To help get your back position perfect, keep your shoulders back and chest up
  • Use your hips to bend, not your back

Position your hands, legs and feet.

Try out the best positions without any weight on the bar, many pros will use a reverse hand grip to pull off the perfect deadlift but this may not be the case for you and you don't want to find that out with a loaded bar! So stay safe and use a bar without the weight first, find the best stance this is normally with your feet just over shoulder width apart. During the lift your lower legs/shins should stay in the same vertical position, the bar will pass by your shins, knees and quads.

Use your hips more than your back.

As mentioned above, this lift is more about moving your hips forward as you stand up. Use your solid core, tightened lats, chest up and vertical shins to stand up and pull the bar with you.

Now its all about the lift

Grab the bar with your favourite grip, feet positioned securely and comfortably just under the bar. The bar should be close to your shins, if it's too far away it will cause your body to move in an unnatural way that could cause injury. I find it better to tuck the elbows in and pull the bar slightly towards the body during the lift. As the bar leaves the floor, continue to pull the bar into your body as you drive with your legs. Maintain a solid lat tension throughout the lift and you should find it a lot easier.

So there you have it, my top tips for a perfect deadlift. Please feel free to comment with your own tips to help make this blog a better place!


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