High protein foods you may not know about

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One of the things I have noticed most since starting a high protein diet is that there is a LOT of variety, you just need to find it! I have compiled this list of foods that I have found to be high in protein but not always considered high protein foods.

Wholemeal Bagels - These are a great tasting alternate to brown rice, sweet potatoes or any other slow digesting carbs. Packed with almost 12g of protein per bagel and only 2g of fat, they are almost on par with a protein bar!

Spinach - The beloved food of Popeye, it really can help you gain muscle! 500g has around 15g of protein and practically no fat. Consider this with your chicken can carbs for your evening meal.

Kale - The next step up from spinach, kale, has 22g of protein per 500g so try this alternated with spinach for a bit of variety.

Cup of boiled peas - Tinned or fresh, these little balls of goodness pack plenty of protein to aid your chicken or fish for ultimate high protein foods.

So there you have it, some great alternates to get added to your shopping list. If you're like me and need a bit of variety but can't find high protein foods to replace what you already eat, try the above.

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