BlenderBottle Protein Shaker – Product Review

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BlenderBottle Protein Shaker
BlenderBottle Protein Shaker

BlenderBottle is the leading name in the protein shaker cup world and that is due to the simplistic but clever design that makes your shake the perfect consistency every time.

Why Choose BlenderBottle?

If you have ever tried to make a shake or a protein drink in a normal shaker, cup or bottle then you will know that the mixture clumps together in lumps and the result is less than ideal.

Yes, it is drinkable but if you are looking for a superior experience that guarantees a smooth shake or protein drink every time then that is where BlenderBottle excels.

Some of the really thick protein shakes can be very difficult to blend to a good consistency without a residue of powder in the bottom – that problem has been completed eradicated with the BlenderBall.


BlenderBottle ball
BlenderBottle BlenderBall

BlenderBottle has a revolutionary BlenderBall included in the shaker cup, and it is this little ball that makes all the difference!

The BlenderBall is a small round metal whisk that is able to quickly and easily move through any thickness of liquid to ensure all ingredients are blended perfectly together, creating the perfect shake time after time.

If you have been using shakes and protein drinks for a while you will have noticed that if you don’t drink your shake all at once the ingredients start to separate again and even though you may shake your normal bottle vigorously you will still notice clumps of the protein powder or shake when you drink.

The BlenderBottle changes all that!

A quick shake is all you need, and the drink is just as smooth, palatable and complete as when you first created it.

Key Features of BlenderBottle

There are many features of the BlenderBottle but here are a few of the key features that we love:

  • Large 820ml capacity (measurements for drink only go to 600ml)

  • Drinking spout that can also be used as a pouring spout making precision pouring easier

  • Large range of colours and styles

  • Iconic design

  •  100% leak proof even when carried upside down (as long as you ensure the top is screwed tight and the spout lid has snapped into place) 

  • Perfectly designed worry-free seal

  • Carry anywhere with the convenient sport loop

  • Fits into most car cup holders

  • Lightweight yet tough

  • Tactile and ergodynamic

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

  • Safe BPA- and phthalate-free

  • Perfect to blend a huge variety of ingredients including: protein shakes, nutrition smoothies, diet shakes, smoothies, baby formula, scrambled eggs, pancake batter, wheatgrass, yogurt drinks and many more

  • Quick delivery of high-quality product


So, there you have it!

If you are looking for an inexpensive, well made and robust shake bottle that can create the most amazingly smooth drinks, then the BlenderBottle is for you.

You won’t be disappointed by the design or the convenience, and if you do have a small problem, which let’s face it can happen with anything from time to time, then BlenderBottle have such superb customer service, they will put it right for you without quibbling.

Now, that’s reassuring!

To check out the best price currently available on Amazon – just CLICK HERE

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