100 Bodybuilding Tips – Tips 71 to 80

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100 Body Building Tips EVERY Fitness Enthusiast Should Know from AdonisFitness.co.uk
100 Body Building Tips EVERY Fitness Enthusiast Should Know from AdonisFitness.co.uk

100 Bodybuilding Tips – Tips 71 to 80

71. Squats give definition to your leg muscles. With your feet firmly planted on the floor,                                        stand with your knees slightly bent. Place your hands on the back of your head,                                                          keep a straight look and squeeze your buttocks as you slowly push your knees out.                                                    Don’t let your heels get off the floor as this lowers resistance.

72. Dips exercise your chest, arms, shoulders and back. Place a chair firmly against the wall.                                  Grasp your hands one on either edge of the furniture, put your legs forward,  bending them a little.                  Slowly lower your body without touching the floor, using your hands for support.                                                      Make sure that your chair is sturdy enough to avoid injury.

73.  Dancing provides total body workout. It burns hefty amounts of fat and shapes up the muscles as well.          The incorporation of music and movement variations makes it a fun exercise.                                                          Aside from the benefits of exercise, it enhances the body’s rhythm and balance.                                                           Not to mention the camaraderie that you forge among the other participants.

74.  Boxing is a highly recommended workout if you’re not into weight lifting.                                                                 It burns massive calories, builds up strength, power and resistance and works out the whole body,                      thus creating muscles.
Aside from the physical benefits, you gain self-confidence and acquire skills in self-defense.                              Boxing also serves well as a therapy for stress.

75.  The thing with exercising without weights is that you need to subject your body to more resistance.                  To maximize the benefits, you have to ante up the intensity,                                                                                              sets and repetitions as compensation for the absence of weights.                                                                                      You are also to rest in between sets of exercises.

76.  Even in the absence of weights, always make it a point to amply warm up                                                              and stretch before your exercise routines.                                                                                                                      Warming up and stretching are not solely for preparing your body for the weight lifting.                                        These are required to condition your muscles for the resistance they will undertake.

77.   If you intend to build muscle, for sure you are also looking on sculpting your abdominal section.                    Flat abs is among the most sought after physical traits in both men and women.                                                          You should workout your midsection because more than giving your body a lean look,                                                    it also strengthens your core.

78.  What many people do not know is that as simple as observing proper posture gives definition to the abs. When you slouch, you collect your tummy together into one whole pooch.                                                                      It gets used to that position that it adopts that state.                                                                                                          Fix your posture by straightening up your back, drawing your navel to the spine                                                                and putting your weight on your heels.

79.  To achieve and maintain flat abs, invest in a pedometer.                                                                                        Health studies reveal that 10,000 steps a day is beneficial to weight loss efforts and overall fitness.                        Over time, it burns the fat seated deeply in the belly and sculpts the abdominal muscles.                                              A normal person walks an average of 40,000 steps a day.

80.  If you wish to have flat abs the quickest way possible, strive to perform                                                                  your cardio exercises first thing in the morning before you take your breakfast.                                                            You will not necessarily go hungry since the body has just risen from its rest.                                                            Doing cardio on an empty stomach, without ingest of carbs, forces your body to burn up stored fats.

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