100 Bodybuilding Tips – 91 to 100

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100 Bodybuilding Tips – 91 – 100

91.  The Saw tones your abs, arms and shoulders.                                                                                                                    Sit up straight with your legs extended more than hip-width apart and your feet flexed.                                                Raise your arms side ward to shoulder level. Contract your abs, inhale and twist your waist                                          as you reach the outside of your right foot with your left hand.                                                                                        Keep your right hand raised. Slowly return to starting position and repeat on opposite side.

92.  The Long Lever Crunch firms up abs and lower back.                                                                                                  Place a chair on the floor. Lie on your back and rest your heels on the edge of the chair.                                              Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle and extend your arms over you head,                                                                  clasp your hands and tuck your elbows in. Use your abs to slowly lift your torso off the floor.                                    Hold the position for 2 counts as you before going back to starting position.

93.  The Lift and Rotate firms up abs and lower back.                                                                                                            Lie back, bend your knees and keep both feet on the floor.                                                                                                    Extend your arms and hold a 5 pound dumbbell with both hands.                                                                                      Use your abs to curl your upper torso off the floor and rotate your right shoulder toward left hip.                            Hold the position for 2 counts before returning to starting position. Alternate directions.

94.  The most popular abs exercises are crunches.                                                                                                                        If you know how to do crunches correctly,   you’ll reap flat abs in time.                                                                              Basic: lie on your back, bend your knees and keep both feet flat on the floor.                                                                    Put your hands behind your head. Pull your tummy into your spine, contract your abs                                                and slowly lift your shoulders off the floor.

95.  Reminders in doing crunches: never assist resistance by lifting your lower body off the floor.                              This takes away the focus from your abs, making your efforts futile.                                                                                  Put your neck in neutral position to avoid injuries. Do not tuck your chin into your chest nor hold it far back.            It is best to look at the ceiling as you perform crunches. Exhale as you go back and inhale as you go down.

96.  Want great-looking abs with nary any effort? Replace your TV or even office chair with an exercise ball.            By sitting on the exercise ball, you are working your abs, back and truck without even realizing it.                          This tones and strengthens your abs and improves balance, posture and coordination at the same time.

97.  If you want to get flat abs, complement exercise with discipline to stay away from belly-bloating                    junk food such as potato chips. Potato chips are laden with sodium that causes water retention.                                The manufacturing process has zapped almost all nutrients from the potatoes that you do not benefit anymore.

98.  Other people’s abs, especially those you constantly see on magazine spreads,                                                        serve as an inspiration to work out. However, realize that your abdominal muscles’                                            threshold is determined also by genetic factors.                                                                                                                    There are people who are predisposed to collect more fat in that area than the rest.                                                    Make your goals realistic so you don’t get caught up in disappointment.

99.  Do not get disappointed if you don’t see results as soon as you wish for them to happen.                                    Rate of progress differs from person to person.                                                                                                                    Don’t attempt to trade slow and steady progressions to quick fad fixes.                                                                              Well sculpted abs is an outcome of time, hard work and consistency.

100.   Metabolism is a contributing factor in a person’s ability to lose or weight gain.                                      Metabolism is made up of complex hormones and enzymes that change the food we take into fuel.                                It also has an effect in the efficiency of fuel burning.                                                                                                                As you age, your metabolism slows down. You can bring up your metabolism through exercise.

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