Top GPS watches for trail running 2013

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Top GPS watches for trail running 2013

Have you ever wondered what the point is with spending so much money on so called GPS watches? They are expensive gimmicks that essentially just tell the time, right? Wrong! You see with the vast selection of top of the range GPS watches now available, you can do so much more than simply know where you are in the world. Most come with their own mini/micro USB connector built in, so you can literally connect it direct to your PC. But don't let that put you off by thinking you need to be an IT guru, because you don't! The people that design these top GPS watches make sure they are easy to use and come with detailed instructions on how to use and get the most out of them.

GPS watches don't just report your location

The top GPS watches listed here are what I consider the easiest to use, I have used a couple myself but I am also using the reports of other users to help gather the best GPS watches of 2013. The price will obviously play a big part in the final decision for anyone thinking of purchasing one, but here I am simply going by the easiest to use.

GPS Watches - Suunto Ambit 2 Black

The SUUNTO Ambit 2 Black GPS Watch

This is, by far, my favourite of all the GPS watches I am going to report on. I have used this watch and can safely say it's built very well, as soon as you first hold it you can feel the quality and solidness of the design and fibre glass casing. It is a rather large-faced watch though so if your wrists are small you may struggle to get a comfortable fit. When it comes to functionality, you get; waypoint and route navigation with logging capabilities; full featured GPS; barometric altitude, pressure, temperature and weather features; multiple sport modes for pace, distance, timings and much more.

See a much more in-depth review of both the Ambit 2 and 2S here 


Garmin Fenix GPS Watch with ABCGPS Watches - Garmin Fenix GPS Watch with ABC

Next on the list and by Garmin is the Fenix. As far as GPS watches go, this is definitely a main player. Mainly because Garmin are a leader in the GPS market. The "ABC" simply means Altimeter, Barometer and Compass which are 3 great features to have on a GPS watch because they all help keep you updated with the weather and environment. The Fenix allows you to log your routes or create routes before you go out and then follow POI's right from your wrist.


Budget GPS Watches

GPS Watches - Nike+ SportWatch GPSIf you don't fancy spending over £300 for a top of the range GPS watch, then go for an entry level watch. This one from Nike has great GPS features that are powered by TomTom technology. You can easily track and record all your runs which you can then share with all your running mates. Plug and play with USB to PC connection and Nike+ desktop software.

The cheapest I have found on Amazon

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