Compression clothing and the benefits

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Compression clothing can provide support to certain muscles and gives many benefits to the wearer.

This is a relatively old concept although I don't think it is very well known.

When you apply compression to specific parts of the body it can accelerate blood flow.

This gets more oxygen pumping to your muscles which can boost your performance.

There are companies such as TLC Sports who create such products and have a great range of leggings.

What is compression clothing?

Compression top and the benefitsImagine wearing your sports clothing that hugs you in all the right places - this is what compression clothing is.

It can be worn during exercise or post workout, it's also recommended to be worn while asleep to aid recovery.

Different clothing items perform in different ways to assist in an better workout with increased physical performance.

There has been lots of research completed by numerous doctors and medical professionals and some results they found to be beneficial are:

  • increased blood flow & venous return
  • increased lactic acid removal
  • increased muscle oxygenation
  • reduced exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD)
  • accelerated the recovery process
  • improved body temperature control

I would recommend reading up on the Wikipedia page for full scientific research papers that backup what it is that compression clothing claims to do.

There are a few different types of compression clothing available and you should try to wear the correct garment for the correct exercise for the best benefits.

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