A New Protein Shaker In Town, The King Shaker?

There is a new shaker in town and it goes by the name of “The King Shaker”, but is it really as good as it says on the box? Lets take a look at the reasons to buy one, taken from their website (kingshaker.com):

  • Metal Protein Shaker That Won’t End Up Smelling Like Sh*t
  • Built In Agitator
  • Leak Proof Lid

The King Shaker – Or Is It?

The King Shaker Lid

I have had plenty of time to test out this little beauty this week, and heads have turned to look at the slick, full metallic body of the beast. It certainly looks the part! However, the claims that “it won’t end up smelling like sh*t” are not 100% correct – in my experience. Being a morning gym-goer, the King Shaker bottle is left in the gym bag until I have time to clean it later. It seems that even after a wash, that scent is still there! This could be due to the built in agitator, which is plastic – maybe that is retaining some scent?

That takes me onto the next issue I had, it’s built in! So it’s a pain in the arse to clean, you’ll need to spend some time getting in between the plastic parts. However, the design of it does make the smoothest shakes I’ve ever had! It’s screw-on lid also boasts a nice rubbery seal that makes sure you get no leaks, and the spout is a decent size and closes tight too.

Top Protein Shaker Of 2016

The King Shaker Inside

All in all, a great shaker. One of the best looking shakers out there, leak proof and makes ultra-smooth shakes. Only cons, the lid takes a bit longer to clean (as with most protein shakers) and the scent still roams, maybe not as bad as plastic shakers though. Get you hands on The King Shaker, direct from them!

One of my motivations when feeling at a plateau at the gym is to go and buy some new workout gear. As a result of this I have gained a nice collection of gym kit, especially protein shaker bottles. You may or may not have read my previous thoughts on what my favourite protein shakers are and why, if not go check it out!

The King Shaker