Track your progress using a waterproof notepad

An important way to make sure you are always giving 110% at the gym is to keep track of your efforts so you can improve on them next time. I have done this since starting my healthy lifestyle about 6 years ago. Like anybody who starts something without any prior knowledge, I used a cheap notepad and pen without any extra thought on what I may actually need.

Smart phones are not effective

The daily pounding my notepad took from within my gym bag was too much for a standard one to take. Pages would fall out during a session and get lost, then I would forget what I have done and my progress would seem interrupted. Something had to change – so I tried using my smart phone. There are so many different apps out there for tracking your workouts but I just couldn’t get on with any – I even tried using the basic notes application. Nothing takes into account that when you work hard, you sweat – it’s a basic principle but try and use a smart phone with sweat dripping from your face onto the screen, it’s just not an effective medium for recording your results.

A Waterproof Notepad Lasts Longer

So, standard notepads and smart phone apps did not work for me when trying to track my progress. Luckily I found a great little product from the States called Rite in the Rain. It is 100% waterproof paper, water just runs off the surface and you can even print onto it. I found a local reseller of these and my favourite, a great little waterproof notebook from the UK based company Any Weather Paper. They supply some great waterproof notepads, paper and pens – this is exactly what I needed!

To sum up, if you are like me a like to keep track of your progress at the gym – get yourself a waterproof notepad and a pencil.

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